A1 Industries Limited is dedicated to bringing a diverse range of quality cleaning and maintenance products to the market place for the use in hospitality and catering services, janitorial, health, transport, industrial, manufacturing and the graffiti removal industry.

Incorporated in Auckland, New Zealand on May 2005, and part of the A1 Chemicals/Industries Pty Ltd Group which was established in 1987. A1 Industries Limited NZ has had a steady and progressive growth since entering the market place as an import, storage & distribution company.

Committed to developing products of the highest quality, we recognise the need for products that work well and are quick to achieve the desired results with minimum fuss and effort.We also take into account the environment and the careful consideration which needs to be given to this earth on which we live.

With technology rapidly moving to the forefront of how we do business, A1 Industries Limited has invested in the development change’s our information based website to include online shopping.

Responding to our customer’s requests we have increased our product range to include items such as tissue product, gloves, bin liners and dispensing systems (to name a few) enabling us to be a more one stop shop to our customer’s requirements. In doing so has allowed us to work and build relationships and alliances with other New Zealand established business. Service in a service industry is paramount and it is our desire and commitment to provide the best service available.